How to Create Your Digital Will with 1Password

1Password Emergency Kit

There’s an article over at The Sweet Setup that provides a how-to on creating a digital will using the existing functionality of 1Password along with some of their own tips. They begin by explaining the need for a digital will by explaining that what they are proposing you create…

“…is not as much about who gets your stuff, but more about helping your family member unwind the countless online accounts and collections of media and digital property that you have.”

The Sweet Setup

They begin by recommending the usage of the “Emergency Kit” feature of 1Password along with having a 1Password for families account. They go on to explain other features and methods of using the service to go about this process. If you are an existing user of 1Password or considering it, this is a good guide to help with this process.

If you want o explore additional items you need to consider along with a template to store that information I recommend reading this article on creating a plan to pass on your personal data as well.

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