• AARP Managing Digital Estates Report – A report detailing the current state of Americans with regards to planning for their digital legacy with tips.
  • NOLO Digital Assets Guide – Tips on all aspects of making plans for your digital legacy as part of your will
  • Death Goes Digital – Services for end of life planning and digital trends in the funeral industry. They also have a nice blog and a podcast.
  • Digital Legacy Association – The Digital Legacy Association helps with end of life planning. They offer frameworks, toolkits, training and support and explain the sentimental and monetary value placed on digital assets and digital legacy.
  • Dead Social – Provides tools and resources around many different aspects regarding digital legacy.
  • Library of Congress Digital Preservation website – Lots of useful information on archiving digital assets. Information may be dated but still viable. Also the Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving ebook.
  • The Digital Beyond – Discusses digital existence and what happens to it after your death. We’re the go-to source for archival, cultural, legal and technical insights to help you predict and plan for the future of your online content.
  • Digital Passing – Estate planning for passwords and digital property.
  • Digital Death Guide – General information and tips.


These are useful articles I’ve found on other sites. Be sure to visit the articles section of this site as well.


  • Personal Digital Archive Conference – PDA explores the intersections between individuals, public institutions, and private companies engaged in the creation, preservation, and ongoing use of the digital records of our daily lives.
  • Digital Legacy Conference – The conference will explore how the internet has changed the way in which we remember and grieve forever. It will also examine how our digital footprint will ultimately help determine both our legacy and our digital legacy when we die.