These are various companies that provide digital legacy related apps and services. I provide these for information purposes only and have not tested or reviewed any of them unless noted.

Digital Estate Planning

These are services to secure your data with various options for estate planners. These can store personal data files and have some logic for distributing data to heirs. I find these interesting in that that this is delicate data that you may want stored and updated for decades in the future so proceed with caution. A DIY approach using several cloud data services, password managers, and other apps may be worth considering.

  • Cake – Create end of life plans that cover many aspects for free
  • Final Security – Digital Estate Planning with Final Security is about protecting you and your loved ones from cybercrime, ensuring your important files are found and protecting your legacy.
  • Hereditas – An open source static website generator that builds fully-trustless digital legacy boxes, where you can store information for your relatives to access in case of your sudden death or disappearance.
  • MyWishes – Write your will, document your funeral wishes, plan your future care and safeguard your digital legacy.
  • Trusted Heir – The secure, cloud-based application for estate planners that automates the process of managing digital assets
  • Ever Plans – An Everplan is a secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you.
  • – Manage digital afterlife, assets, last wills and online legacy
  • Legacy Armour – “…a life monitoring platform where you organize your important information in encrypted vaults, and we automatically deliver it to your designated recipients on a scheduled date, or in case of your death or incapacitation”
  • Lantern – Get your free step-by-step guide on how to navigate your life before and after a death.
  • SecureSafe – Cloud data storage and password management along with data inheritance logic. This looks like a pretty good service that encompasses a few critical items in a single place.
  • Legacy Shield – “…create, store, and organize all of your most valuable documents, financial information, photos, videos, stories, and final wishes in one secure location.”

Password Managers

  • LastPass – A password manager you can use both on desktop and mobile. I personally have been using this for years and love it.
  • 1Password – Another great popular password manager to consider that has very similar functionality
  • McAfee Truekey
  • Dashlane
  • KeePass – Software you run on your personal machine to manage passwords

Biography / Memorial Services

These services are for creating life profile pages that can use images, video, and storytelling to create a digital biography.

  • LifeWeb360 – Memorial scrapbooks built by your friends and family
  • Miigen – Create a digital time capsule for special moments of your life in your “digital scrapbook” for you and your family to enjoy.
  • My Last Soundtrack – Create a page with images and storytelling along with songs for your lifetime soundtrack
  • Afterbook – “…creation of profiles and life stories, archiving photographs and treasured nostalgia and sharing with friends and families.”
  • Forever Missed – “Preserve and share memories of your loved one.”
  • Keeper – “Keeper online tributes are a simple way to preserve, celebrate and share a loved one’s legacy.”
  • WishLockr – A hybrid service that also offers some digital estate services. “…compile cherished memories, photos and a playlist. Set down your wishes and key contacts.”
  • Memory Lane – An Alex app to record, share and recollect your memories
  • Life’s Time Capsule – Capture, preserve, and pass along a digital family heirloom
  • Live’s Archived – Store and exhibit cherished memories

Cloud Backup Services

These are just cloud data storage solutions.

  • Backblaze – Unlimited data with encryption $50 per year
  • Carbonite – Unlimited data with encryption $72 per year
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Amazon S3

Virtual AI Avatar

These services aim to have you upload personal data or grant access to services so they can analyze the data and create virtual versions of you. Theoretically these would allow people to have conversations with these virtual avatars. Very cutting edge and experimental but I’ve written about how I feel these are advancing quickly and will become a reality soon. If you want to peek at the future watch the “Be Right Back” (Netflix link) episode of Black Mirror.

  • Eter9 – “…your Virtual Self that will stay in the system and interact with the world just like you would if you were present.”
  • Eternime – Create a virtual digital legacy page (not launched yet)
  • Replika – An app that you train answering questions that theoretically could learn and interact with others based on your personal data
  • HereAfter – creates interactive, oral history-sharing chatbots so that your legacy can live on.
  • Lifenaut – Build a conversational Avatar based on personal data
  • Augmented Eternity – An MIT project that plans to offer an open source app to provide virtual identities

Death Notification Services

These services allow you to setup notifications that will be sent out once you have died

  • If I Die – A service to queue up a message to be posted on social services when you die
  • Afternote – “allows you to make your last wishes known, to leave messages for your loved ones and record your life story in a beautiful way.”
  • Final Wish – “a secure website that stores information you want shared at the time of your passing.”

To Be Tested

  • Heaven Note – Create digital messages which can include personal data to be delivered after you die
  • Lives On – Here’s a service to continue Tweeting for you after you die based on AI and learning from your feed
  • Loggacy – enables users the opportunity to share their experiences and memories with their loved ones on both a safe and secure digital platform
  • MiLifemap – Archive photos, videos, social network data, and more. Filter and create collections to curate your memories as well.
  • ViewShare – (Closed) a free platform for generating and customizing views (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience your digital collections.
  • Your Digital Legacy – Video storytelling service