An AI Project that Allows us to Have Conversations with Dead Holocaust Survivors

Image courtesy of 60 Minutes - Lesley Stahl speaks with Aaron Elster's digital image

60 Minutes recently ran a segment on a project that is currently in development where they conduct video interviews for a week with individual holocaust survivors for hours asking them around 2000 questions to answer.

The survivors come in every day wearing the same clothing and sitting in the same position to create a seamless way whereby in the future will be used so people can interview them and get immediate and answers to their questions through the use of AI.

Image courtesy of 60 Minutes – Pinchas Gutter inside the ‘bubble’

I wrote an article discussing how in the future we will be able to do this based on AI combing through emails, text messages, social media and other personal data we collect about ourselves through our lives. There are already several companies working on this as mentioned in the article.

But those methods are either through text interactions or a virtual avatar. Video of the actual person will be a much more personal experience and I can see this how this technology will be merged with personal data in the future to offer a similar experience.

In the 60 Minutes episode they discuss how the team working on the project have been approached by regular people to use the technology to capture family members not related to the holocaust. They stated that they plan to offer this service in the future as well. After doing a little research I discovered the StoryFile app which was created by the same team behind the project. I look forward to trying it and reporting back the results in a future article.

Short demo of the StoryFile App

This is another clear sign that we’re on the road for using technology to create much richer life legacies in the future.

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