European Law Firm Launches Digital Legacy Service for Clients

Ashfords Digital Legacy Service

I have found that Europe has been much more progressive than the US when it comes to digital legacy planning. I see many more articles and discussions coming from there. Perhaps it’s their greater openness to discussions about death.

Here is a law firm that recently announced the creation of a digital legacy service for their clients. The platform was designed to make the job of the executor easier. Normally an executor would be provided a box full of paper documents they would need to wade through but as continue moving to a digital age most of this information is going digital people aren’t planning for this accordingly. That’s where their new service comes into play.

Their new service is “…designed to store details of assets, bank accounts, mortgages insurance policies, memberships and subscriptions, together with social media accounts, messages for relatives and plans for funerals.”

From the brochure for their service. I’m sure statistics in the US are the same.

87% of Britons have not planned their digital legacy and therefore are leaving family members with a potentially significant burden of time, effort and cost in finding ways to access online accounts.

Statistics from survey by Opinium Research on behalf of Saga

By making the information stored in a central location and easily updated digitally, they can make the executor process much more efficient reducing the time and costs to administer an estate.

Apparently there is strong interest in their new platform as they mention being approached by several funeral services and a Scottish law firm about white-labeling their platform.

Here’s a short video describing the service

You can learn more about the service by reading this article and you can visit their website to learn more. They’ve also created this brochure for the service.

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