Review: Digital Estate Planning Service

Easeenet is a digital estate planning service in a growing field of services to help people plan for how to have their digital personal data managed after they die. One of the unique aspects of Easeenet is that it’s also an integrated password manager which is an essential service that should be in everyone’s toolbox when planning a digital legacy.

Disclosure: Digital legacy management was given a free subscription to test this service


The basic password management in Easeenet works similarly to other services I have tested. On the desktop they offer a browser extension which collects and saves your passwords in their secure vault as you provide login information for the sites you visit. I was not able to test the mobile functionality because they only currently support iOS devices and I’m on Android. They should be releasing an Android app in the near future.

The Easeenet main dashboard

Document sharing is in the form of uploading files you’ve deemed necessary to your legacy planning and having them organized by specific categories such as house, health, and banking. You can also choose specific people you want to share individual documents with.

There is a basic journaling feature that lets you store memories. These are stored in the form of writing prompts where you are provided a topic or question and then provide the story or answer. This adds a nice touch of collecting unique and special memories.

A trusted person can be granted access to your account in the form of a Legacy Contact. This person will have the ability to see all of your vaults and stored documents in the event you become ill or die. This is often the same person you designate as a custodian in your Will.

The legacy worksheet acts as a repository of important information that is captured using several online forms that collect data regarding personal, financial, health, and end of life decisions. The forms capture the pertinent data that would be necessary and ask questions to retrieve answers that are then stored and can be retrieved by the legacy contact.

An example page from the legacy worksheet


Easeenet is currently offering a 30 day free trial where you can test all features of the service. You can then either choose the $5.95 monthly plan or pay $59.95 per year.


If you are looking for a digital estate planning service that has an integrated password manager, then you have limited choices and Easeenet is one of them. Other password managers may offer similar features but having some specific tools catered specifically towards digital legacy and estate planning are beneficial and what distinguishes this service from generic password managers. This service is relatively new and worth taking advantage of the current free trial and keeping an eye on as they continue to evolve moving forward.

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