Keep Current on Deathtech with the Art of Memorialising Newsletter

The Art of Memorialising Newsletter

I’ve been following Peter Billingham for several years. He wrote a book called Death Goes Digital in 2016 to help funeral directors to stay current with digital technology and created a podcast series. He has been covering the #Deathtech sector for several years and last June created focused his efforts on The Art of Memorialising newsletter.

How would you like to be remembered online?
What do you want to happen to your online life after you die?
Those are the questions we answer through The Art of Memorialising.
You now mange so much of your money, memories and life online.
Taking steps to protect, preserve, honour and remember your life online now takes action. You can’t leave it to chance, and you shouldn’t leave it to someone you love to sort it out after you’ve gone.

– Peter’s description of the newsletter

Every month Peter provides a collection of relevant news, startups, and his commentary on all things related to digital immortality. I have found his newsletter to be insightful and great for keeping up with new developments in the space and highly recommend you subscribe if you’d like to do the same. You can subscribe here.

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